Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bus Notifier Followup

So since the Bus Notifier project was completed, it has been running from about Sept 2009 til now. Ive moved apartments, but the code still works with a few tweaks. The real news is:

1. I came in second in the Make Magazine and Design News sponsored Gadget Freak Design Contest. This was quite an honor (especially since I never win anything from contests). Heres the contest results page. Plus $500 bucks will go a long way to help out with some of my other projects.

2. Also...I got published in the Gadget Freak Section of the Design News Newsletter! Hooray. I had to do a professional photo shoot and everything. Also a huge honor (and another $500 for them using my submission). The site is here.

I am floored by all of this. To think that I got so much recognition from a simple project I designed to make my life easier is really amazing. Thanks so much to Make Magazine, Design News, and Hackaday for making all this possible.

P.S. In other news, I have a few projects I ought to post that have been finished for a while. I made a little scrolling LED matrix for my girlfriend last valentines day. It was something that I could use to learn to use the PIC's I sampled for free and she loves it since I can upload new messages to it whenever I want. Im a sap, what can I say.
I would also like to showcase my Isobot code properly eventually. It was an earlier project that Im quite proud of, but it never made it off the forum post aside from a quick make magazine writeup.
My biggest projects right now are school related: Building a quadcopter for a robotics class, my Mechanical Senior Design class, and looking for a job take up most of my time. The quadcopter is showcase on the tab above named "Horus Quadcopter Robot"